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Rose Quartz: Facilitates deep inner healing and promotes love in all ways, most importantly, self-love. Rose Quartz is the most significant stone when practicing heart chakra healing.


Silk Tassel: Connection to spirit



108 Bead Hand-knotted Mala Necklace

Rose Quartz | Silk Tassel


  • Package Contents Include: A mantra, gemstone properties, mala significance, Mantra Japa Meditation, and care instructions.


    Each Mountain Sutras mala is created one of a kind with its own unique energy, just as the person who wears it, therefore you will receive the exact item photographed.


    All Malas are cleansed with Palo Santo and packaged gift-ready.


    Due to the unique characteristics of natural gemstones and handcrafted products, there may be slight visual imperfections. With that, only high-quality gemstones are chosen in order to decrease flaws as much as possible.


    **Please Note: Gemstone meanings support a spiritual journey and facilitate energy healing. In no way does this replace medical care, medications, or professional support.


    Handcrafted in Montana with love, care, and intention

  • Please allow 3-5 business days

    Free shipping on all orders above $50

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