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I am Bethany, the founder and creator of Mountain Sutras. My path, like many, is a twisty one. 
I am a lover of the earth’s beauty, yoga instructor, and ICU nurse. Each of these pieces lead me here. I underwent heart surgery at age 14. Alone and terrified in the ICU, my nurse comforted me. I could no longer be a competitive gymnast so my parents taught me beading as a distraction. Over the year it took me to heal, I obsessed over my creations, but quickly dropped them once I regained enough strength to be active again. From that experience I chose my career as an Intensive Care Nurse. Years of stress filled work days makes keeping active a necessity. However, depression and anxiety don’t always give respite to physical exercise, and after suffering consecutive injuries that kept me from skiing and mountain biking, depression took hold and I yearned for an avenue to funnel my anxious energy. Through yoga I discovered malas and was intrigued by their beauty and meaning. I thought back to days long ago of healing from heart surgery and smiled as I made my way to a bead shop, utilizing the same remedy my parents used on me more than half my life ago. 

Endless self teaching hours and a few years later, here I am, creating my own form of art using materials provided by Mother Earth. 

Sutra: Sanskrit for thread, teachings, sutures (stitches), rules
Nature sutures wisdom and experience within, illuminating a raw, imperfect, beautiful path.

Made in the Mountains of Montana

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